Fluren 33 Lime Remover

Fluren 33 Lime Remover

Product Description

Flügger Fluren 33 Lime Remover is a liquid, acidic lime remover. It is self-acting and efficient for removal of coatings of lime soap, rust and urine. Also available as Ready to use, foamspray.
  • Efficient for removal of lime, rust and urin
  • For cleaning and disinfection
  • Excellent for kitchen and bath


Suitable for cleaning of scraps of lime, rust and soap in wet rooms,
including cleaning and disinfection of sanitary installations, WC etc. and
periodically cleaning of fittings, tiles etc.
In connection with new treatment in bathrooms etc., where the surface has
coatings of lime soap, Flügger Fluren 33 Lime Remover should be used to remove
this coating before washing with Flügegr Fluren 37 Basic Cleaner.
Walls, cabinet showers, painted surfaces etc.: Prewash the surface and spread
Flügger Fluren 33 Lime Remover with a brush or sponge. Leave for 5-10
minutes and treat with a brush or scouring sponge. Rinse with clean water.
NB: Must not be used on marble or other surfaces sensitive to acid. Must not
be mixed with chlorine-containing products.

Technical Data

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januar 2018

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januar 2017