Fluren 37 Basic Cleaner

Fluren 37 Basic Cleaner

Product Description

Fluren 37 is an alkaline detergent. Also available as foamspray and cloth. The tensides included are readily biodegradable.
  • Wide application possibilities
  • Easy biodegradable
  • Excellent for paint brushes and rolls


Suitable interior and exterior for very heavy cleaning of surfaces to be painted. Surfaces to be painted should be rinsed with clean water.
Also suitable for heavy cleaning of painted surfaces, vinyl, concrete and metals.
Very suitable for cleaning of paint brushes and paint rollers.


Removes attached wax, grease, scraps of soap, tar, tobacco tar etc., but not lime soap nor rust stains.
After washing, rinse with clean water and dry with a firmly wrung cloth/sponge.
Brushes should be cleaned thoroughly with Fluren 37 and be rinsed in water.

Be Aware

Fluren 37 may discolour wood. Splashes may cause white stains to e.g. galvanized steel.
For cleaning of very dirty surfaces exterior, Facade Cleaner is recommended.

Storage: Cool, frost-free and tightly closed.

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