Fluren 49 Soot- & Nicotine Cleaner

Fluren 49 Soot- & Nicotine Cleaner

Product Description

Efficient cleaning agent.
  • Restoration of fire damages
  • Removes soot and nicotine
  • Removes grease and oil


Use it on surfaces contaminated with nicotine, soot and tar residues, e.g., smoky rooms, tarry soot, fire damages, etc. or if some places got dirty with drawing ink, e.g. walls or doors.
Also removes grease and oil.


Mix 1 part Fluren 49 with 10 parts of pure water. Apply the mixture using a cloth, a sponge or a soft brush. Leave for approximately 5 minutes before washing the surface with pure water. If you want a blocking effect, treat afterwards with Flügger Iso 5. Finishing treatment with the desired wall or ceiling paint.

Good to know

If the result does not live up to your expectations, clean once more.

Storage: Cool, frost-free and tightly closed

Technical Data

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Current TDS Version

juni 2020