Terrace Cleaner

Terrace Cleaner

Product Description

Effective cleaning agent for wood terraces ect. Removes discolouration, dirt, grey mould and residual old wood oil on weathered pine, spruce and pressure-treated wood.
  • Very efficient for removal of discolouration and dirt


Cleaning of all types of wood, eg weather-beaten pine, spruce and pressure impregnated wood, prior to treatment with woodoil, wood protection or paint.


Apply concentrated by brush.
After soaking for approx. 10 minutes without drying, brush and rinse (possibly high pressure) with clean water until the surface is clean.
The treatment can be repeated in case of heavy discolouration.
Before treatment with wood oil or other products, the surface must be completely dry.

Be Aware

The product may be corrosive to aluminium and other alkaline sensitive surfaces.
Carefully cover for splashes for instance on glass and plantation.

Environmental information

Clean off the paint from tools and wash them with water. Bring remains of fluent paint to the local recycling centre. Minimize your paint waste by pre-estimating how much paint you need. Keep the leftover paint for future use so you can effectively reduce the environmental impact.

Storage: Cool, frost free and tightly closed

Protection equipment: Painting: eye protection, gloves. Sanding: respiratory protection.

Technical Data

Weight %
Volume %
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)
Workable temperature
Min. +5°C
Cleaning of Tools etc.

Current TDS Version

april 2021

Replaces TDS Version

februar 2021